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New Avon, LLC

Monday, January 30 2017

We are continuing to see all of the improvements in Avon since the US portion of the company was purchased by Cerberus. Now, more than ever, is a fantastic time to join the company! They are doing everything they can to improve it for not only the customers, but the Representatives. They listen to what Representatives say about what we want and they are changing things in that direction! How often do you have a say in what your company does? Avon has been in business for over 130 years...they have built a reputation of great products, reasonable prices, and most importantly, opportunities for women before they even had rights in this country! Also, I am so proud of our philanthropic work: Breast Cancer Research and Domestic and Date Violence are causes we are very proud to support. Everyone can relate either personally or through someone close to them on these issues. So come join us! My husband and I would love to have you on our team! Go back to the opening page and click STARTAVON right under the opening title AVON. We look forward to working together.


Tuesday, January 03 2017

We had a wonderful holiday...I hope you did, too! Now, it's time to start a fresh new year filled with possibilities. I went to one of those silly sites on Facebook telling you your word for the new year...mine was "New Beginnings"! I love that. Every day is a new beginning. We have the opportunity to start fresh whenever we like, but the new year seems to make us think about it even more than usual. This year, I want to be able to share Avon with more people than ever before. This is a great company and they sell terrific, reasonably priced products. They are working hard to reward their representatives appropriately, and they have over 130 years of experience behind them. I sometimes laugh at how often I see the competition copying their ideas...then I remember, imitation is the largest form of flattery! So, I hope today finds you enjoying the possibilities of the new year, that you enjoy shopping my online store, and that you consider joining us...if for no other reason, consider the discount you will receive when you purchase your own products! ( reference code: lucyr)